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Our services help you create a business that includes and integrates the most important aspect of the business, “YOU” the individual and its people. It doesn’t matter where you are in your personal or professional journey, We are here to offer our expertise and services.

What We Do


1. Business and Organizational Consulting: We provided personalised services specialising in holistic approaches to personal and professional growth, integrating intuitive and spiritual development practices. we work with with leaders to integrate conscious leadership principles and practices into workplace culture.


2. Personal and People Development: We help individuals and teams achieve personal growth. We focus on the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects as the key to overcoming obstacles and challenges.

3. Conflict Resolution and Group Discussions:  we specialize in facilitating, mediating, and resolving conflicts before they become an issue. 

Funding/ Investment
Project Management

At Huemaniser, we are dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations to secure the financial support and resources they need to bring their visions to life. Our fundraising services are tailored to meet the unique needs of diverse clients, ranging from passionate activists to thriving SMEs and beyond.

What We Do

1. Strategic Fundraising Consulting: We collaborate closely with you to develop strategic fundraising plans aligned with your mission and vision. Through in-depth online consultations, we analyze your organization, conduct creative sessions for project design, and perform grant research based on your specific needs. Our deliverables include a detailed fundraising strategy encompassing action plans, timelines, communication plans, project backlogs, and insights into upcoming calls for applications.

2. Training Programs: We offer personalized training programs to enhance the capacity of your team. With a focus on fundraising, grant writing, project management, team management, project design, and gender equality assurance, our 4-hour sessions are delivered online or on-site. We don't just stop at training. Our commitment extends to post-training consultations and briefings to ensure the seamless integration of newly acquired knowledge into your organizational practices.

3. Proposal writing: Navigating EU funding requires expertise, and at Huemaniser, we excel in crafting compelling proposals that capture the essence of your mission. We will work closely with you, conducting 1:1 online consultations to co-design your project, develop a comprehensive project concept (3 pages), and a winning project proposal. ​

Gender Equality Consulting  

In collaboration with the personnel and HR, we are developing the plan and procedures for the prevention and management of workplace sexual harassment incidents:

  • 1:1 meeting to determine needs

  • Focus group with part of the staff to understand the company and the needs

  • Creation of a plan with risk assessment, measures to be implemented by the company, and recommendations for further improvements

  • Staff briefing on the new procedures


Whether it's a one-time consultation on project design, project management, or strategy, or ongoing support for networking and representation at funding events, we're here for you. Our hourly rate ensures that we address your unique needs, even outside the scope of specific services.

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