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Green Ambassadors visit Tallinn

In the era of global challenges such as climate change, loss of biodiversity, and pressure on

natural resources, the importance of green jobs is rapidly increasing. However, it must not be forgotten that it is the youth who will be most involved in shaping the future of sustainable development. In this context, enhancing the skills of young people becomes not just an ecological imperative but also a socio-economic one.

Properly educated youth, engaged in the field of sustainable development, acquire skills and awareness that are crucial for both their own future and the global good. On the other hand, flexibility and adaptability are valuable assets in a dynamic job market, and green jobs offer a range of transferable skills that allow young people to easily adapt to various sectors and specializations.

Responding to the growing needs in the field of sustainable development, the "Green Jobs

Ambassadors" project has brought together organizations from four countries: Poland,

Estonia, Spain, and Italy. The aim of this initiative was to create innovative workshop

scenarios for young people who will soon enter the job market. A key moment of this venture was an international meeting in picturesque Tallinn, which gathered 20 Green Job

Ambassadors from partner countries.

During this meeting, participants had the opportunity to familiarize themselves in detail with previously prepared workshop scenarios. It was also a chance for exchanging experiences, best practices, and for verifying and evaluating the achievements of previous project stages.

The main objective of the gathering was not only to test existing scenarios but also to train

facilitators in conducting such workshops effectively for the youth.

During the inspiring meeting in Estonia, we conducted a detailed analysis of a series of

workshops that we created together with our partners. Each of the organizations had the

opportunity to present its unique approach and actions, thereby enabling us to participate in a series of valuable workshops, such as: "What are Green Jobs?", "How to Prepare a CV",

"Sustainable Development Goals", "Analysing a Problem", "Design Thinking", "Carbon

Footprint", and "Eco-solutions for Houses".

These sessions were not only fascinating but also exceptionally educational. They offered an

in-depth analysis of many aspects of sustainable development and provided practical skills

essential in today's, and particularly in the green, job market. Project ambassadors also had

the opportunity to share their observations, allowing us to fine-tune the final product to


Integration and relationship-building were also significant elements of our visit. We met

people who are deeply committed to educating and collaborating with young people.

Additionally, we had the opportunity to discover the beauty of Tallinn and immerse ourselves in the rich culture of Estonia—a place that is certainly worth visiting.

But this is just the beginning of our efforts within this ambitious project. In the near future,

we plan to engage as many as 3,000 students from the four partner countries. The youth will not only gain valuable skills but also have the opportunity to participate in innovative and engaging workshops. Recruitment has already begun! If you are between 16 and 20 years old and want to join us, we strongly encourage you to get in touch.

In summary, the "Green Jobs Ambassadors" project offers a comprehensive impact on the

development of green skills and career guidance. Through international cooperation,

organizations gain knowledge and experience in various aspects, from project logistics to

social campaigns. Students participating in the workshops develop their ecological skills,

which benefit their further career path in sectors related to sustainable development. Our

handbook containing workshop scenarios and the methodology for conducting workshops

will be available for free download on our official website, so that a wide audience can

benefit from them and implement them in their local communities.

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